Renegade Legion - Party

It is time to prove you really are a Renegade and join the party. Enough with the lame excuses and bullshit. Get on your mount and get going. The party is held at my place again this year and it is on the 27th of July.

It's going to cost DKK. 350,- (approx. 47€) for Saturday and DKK. 150,- (approx. 21€) for Friday, paid in advance like last year. If you are staying more days, you have to pay an extra DKK. 100,- (approx. 14€) a day. So if you arrive on Thursday and leave Monday you have to pay DKK. 700,- (approx. 96€).
By experience I'm not making any profit on it (even though some RL members may claim something else, he he). Some of you might have noticed that I changed the price for Friday but that is due to past experience that we are actually partying both Friday and Saturday and so there is a lot more being drunk and eaten on those days.

By popular demand I've also designed some T-Shirts with our logo on. There is two types and those two also comes in a female and a male version. The female version isn't as big as the male one but it got better curves. The price depends on how much print you want on it. A normal T-Shirt with only the print on the front is DKK. 225,- (approx. 30€) and the expensive one with print on the sleeves costs DKK. 275,- (approx. 37€)

The agenda for the party is something like:

  • People arrive around 12.00 Saturday.
  • We drink some beer / booze.
  • Late afternoon I start the BBQ and we prepare some "green stuff" to go with the meat.
  • We eat, drink and have fun.
  • If ppl want to sleep here just bring a sleeping bag and perhaps a small tent.
  • Next day there will be some breakfast and aspirin.
  • Hopefully there will be a bit of help cleaning out the trash and such.

There might be more things in it but that is just the current idea I've got. Last year some of us went to the beach. If you got some extra ideas let me know.

My house is in Denmark and the closest big city is Odense in case you wanted to look it up. I know some have to travel a lot but I also think it would be great to meet all you Renegades out there.

The address is:

Vestergade 29
DK-5471 Søndersø (or "DK-5471 Sonderso" for the ppl not from Denmark)
My cellphone number is +45 20 20 47 07 - Just please send a SMS if I'm not answering.

IBAN Number: DK2568620001075180
Name of account owner: Henrik Skat Andersen
Swift: SYBKDK22

Bank address:
Nordfyns Bank
Jernbanegade 22
DK-5450 Otterup

Tell your bank to transfer 350,- danish kroners (DKK) to my account + what extra you need to for extra days. Also include some money for a T-Shirt if you want one.
(Remember to pm me the name, size and color). They will then charge you a fee unfortunately.

Danish people can use my Danish account number: 6862 0001075180.

Remember to include your forumname (important) and if possible also your real name.

If you want to pay through PayPal please use the donate button below. So far that seems to be the cheapest one. It'll only cost you about 5€ in fees to do it that way. So remember to add that on top of your payment please.



S = 69cm x 52cm (LxW)
M = 71cm x 53cm (LxW)
L = 74cm x 56cm (LxW)
XL = 77cm x 58cm (LxW)
XXL = 79cm x 63cm (LxW)
XXXL = 80cm x 64cm (LxW)



S = 60.5cm x 42cm (LxW)
M = 64cm x 44cm (LxW)
L = 66.5cm x 47cm (LxW)
XL = 68.5cm x 48.5cm (LxW)